Huawei Mate X Foldable Smartphone Will Finally Go On Sale This Nov

Good news: The first foldable smartphone from Huawei, the Mate X, will finally go on sale this coming November after being delayed for a few months. Bad news: It will only be released in China (at least at the moment).

Yesterday, Huawei held a media event in Shenzhen China officially launching the Mate X in its home market. At the event, the tech giant revealed that this fordable smartphone will be available in China starting November 15, 2019 for CNY 16,999. That's approximately Php123,000 in Philippine peso, if you wonder. Right now, that's the only update we have regarding the Huawei Mate X release to the market and it's not even known yet if this device will ever hit the international market. This is a pretty expensive of a smartphone, even pricier than Samsung Galaxy Fold at $1,980 (Php101,000). If in case this device made its way to non-China markets and it didn't ship with official Google apps and services, it would be a tough buy for consumers who heavily rely on Google's core services.

A new Huawei Mate Xs was also unveiled at the event.

You read that right, in a surprise announcement, Huawei also unveiled a new version of this foldable device called the Mate Xs as pictured above (shared by GizmoChina). The original Mate X is powered by the company's very own Kirin 980 processor with Balong 5000 5G modem inside it. The Mate Xs, on the other hand, will be more powerful as it will be powered by the new Kirin 990 processor with a 5G modem already integrated into it right out off the bat.

If you live in China, you may want to wait a little longer for this device as it will not come out until March 2020, Huawei announced. Design-wise, the Mate Xs appears to be completely similar to the Mate X. And so far, only the processor and release date have been confirmed by Huawei about this Mate Xs. We don't know yet if the specs and features will also be the same as the original Mate X.

Huawei sells more than 200 million smartphones this year so far

At the event, Huawei also revealed that they have managed to sell more than two hundred million smartphones worldwide despite on-going ban the company faces on using Google services on this newest smartphones. This impressive milestone covers all the sales the company made for the year only, and 2019 is not even over yet.

Source: GizmoChina
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