Samsung Working on a More Affordable Galaxy Note 10 smartphone?

I remember like a few weeks before the official launch of the Galaxy Note 10 series, there were some reports claiming that Samsung was also going to release a third member of the Galaxy Note 10, a "lite version" it said which was a similar move with the Galaxy S10 series where an S10e was released early this year. The Note 10 devices were eventually launched but we never saw that third member of the S-Pen equipped flagship devices from the Korean electronics giant. Today, though, this rumor is starting to show up online once again. That yes, Samsung is indeed working on a third and most affordable variant of the Galaxy Note 10 lineup. Could this be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10e or Galaxy Note 10 Lite?

This new report is coming from SamMobile website which further claims there would be two colors for this variant of the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, let's refer call it that way for now, one in red and another in black and based on the most recent leaked information given to them, these are heading to Europe when released.

No further details have been shared by the site as of yet as for now those are the only thing given to them by their source. But the site revealed that this new Galaxy Note 10 variant will bear a model name SM-N770F. Samsung's Galaxy Note flagships have SM-N9XXX as their alternate model names, added by SamMobile, giving them more reasons to believe that this is indeed a much cheaper variant of the Note 10 series.

Whether this report true or not, we will of course have to wait for the final announcement coming from Samsung itself or at least more tangible leaks coming from reliable sources.

Source: SamMobile
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