Six things I like about Realme 5 and two that not so much

realme 5

The much anticipated Realme 5 is finally here

So the Realme 5 has been officially launched and made available nationwide since a few days ago. It was surprising to realize that Realme Philippines released the device on the same day it was launched and it was already a nationwide rollout. So that was really a surprise as fans and enthusiasts like myself were expecting this device to be on pre-order stage first for at least a couple of weeks before release. Another surprise that Realme Philippines unleashed was the pricing for this phone, it was definitely way below that what I was expecting. It starts at Php6,990 for the 3GB RAM and 32GB storage variant. Other options in 4GB+64GB (Php7,990) and 4GB+128 (Php9,990) are also available.

The Realme 5 is absolutely a bang for our buck smartphone of today. It offers great performance, be it in terms of gaming or overall experience, great mobile photography experience, and great design and powerful specs for a price that won't hurt our pocket or break the bank. So having and using this phone for a couple of weeks, I would say that Realme has managed to upgrade the experience from earlier this year's Realme 3 which I also happened to own (read more here). So that being said, in this post, I would like to share with you the top six things I like about this Realme 5 and the two that not so much.


Let me start with the design. Compared to the Realme 3, the Realme 5 is now even more exciting in terms of the outside appearance. That new diamond-cut pattern on the back, Realme calls it Crystal Design. It comes in two color selections, Crystal Blue and Crystal Purple. They just look stunning and look more premium and classy compared to its predecessor. The Realme 5 sports larger battery pack which makes the phone a little bigger and heavier, but Realme made sure to make the edges of the phone rounded to add better grip to it whether using the device with one or two hands. On the front side, yes we still have that waterdrop notch that houses the selfie camera but it is now much smaller. Realme said it is 30.9% smaller than Realme 3's thus providing us even more display real estate in addition to the already huge 6.5-inch screen that the phone offers right out of the box. In case you wonder, that translates to 89% screen-to-body ratio, according to the company.

realme 5 hands on


As mentioned above, this phone sports 6.5-inch display. Resolution-wise though we only get 720p as opposed to the Realme 5 Pro's Full HD+ display offering. However, I still mentioned it here as my top favorite feature simply because it is huge and is great for consuming digital content and that the 720p resolution does not really bother me at all. If you have been using a Full HD+ device or even Quad HD, you will definitely and immediately notice the pixels on the screen, but eventually it won't bother you anymore and you will just enjoy the huge screen. And for an LCD panel, the display still looks pretty good to look at. The display is very responsive as well, thanks to the powerful processor, well-optimized ColorOS interface, and the multi-touch features. So far I never experienced any delay or hiccups in navigating the phone. Plus, being an HD+ device, that adds more life to the batter life.

realme 5 photos


One of the main stars of the show is the camera or the cameras I should say. The Realme 5 smartphone has a total of five cameras, a 13MP on the front and four on the back with the primary being a 12MP camera. All cameras are AI-assisted so photos are automatically optimized to its best quality based on the scene that is being photographed. Apart from the main 12MP sensor, there are 8MP for ultrawide shots, 2MP for macro shots, and 2MP for portrait shots on the rear. When I was using the Realme 3, I was really impressed with the phone's camera prowess most especially knowing that I was using a sub-Php10K phone. With this new Realme 5, which also sells for less than Php10K, I am even more impressed with what it delivers in this department. I would say both the Chroma Boost and Nighscape have been improved a lot alongside other features like the Portrait (bokeh), Slo-Mo and even the video recording capabilities. I am happy to report that this device can record up to 4K at 30fps. Also if you record in 1080p and below resolution, there is an Electronic Image Stabilization feature which helps you record videos with less to almost-zero shake, which is a really good addition.

realme 5 photos
If you would like to see how great its cameras are, you may want to check out my other post which I showcased some of the photos I managed to capture using this Realme 5. See them here.


For a relatively the same launching price as the Realme 3 early this year, the Realme 5 offers more power in terms of performance. From MediaTek Helio P60, this successor is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 AIE processor paired with up to 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The processor works perfectly with the ColorOS 6.0 (based on Android 9 Pie). The interface is fast, the phone processes app launching, switching, and closing fast enough no matter how many apps I have running in the background. RAM management is also on point just like its predecessor. No lagging nor delays whatsoever. Also, in addition to the display, the Snapdragon 665 AIE processor, while powerful enough, is also very energy efficient, thus making the battery life even longer.


It has a massive and super long-lasting 5000mAh battery. A huge and powerful smartphone needs a large battery to complete the package. And thankfully, Realme upgraded it from 4230mAh. That 5000mAh battery is just perfect especially for power users who are always on the go. Though I am not a gamer, I consider myself as a power user as I am always using my phone for browsing social media sites, blogs, and watching YouTube videos always looking for updates on the things I follow on the internet such as tech and movies. And with the Realme 5, I always end up going back home with so much more battery life left in the device. Depending on how heavy I use the phone, on average it lasts me up to two days or more on a single change.


Realme is not really mentioning it that much but the Realme 5 series has splash resistant design feature. Meaning accidental splash or rain drops are not going to damage the phone right away thanks to Realme for integrating water-proof design that provides three splash-resistant layers from the inside to the outside. Realme said that "with this multi-layer splash-resistant design, Realme 5 can resist humidity in daily life such as resisting rain, splash and other daily splashes, thus significantly reducing the risk of serious damage to the phone in case of emergency."

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Now on the not so much part. I have to say though that I am not really complaining in this part as the pricing for this Realme 5 is already more than enough to say that this is definitely the most "sulit" smartphone out there right now. But if I had to mention something I did not like much about the Realme 5, I think it would be the two below.

realme 5 actual photos

1. No fast charge

The Realme 5 Pro has this feature but this one does have have a fast charge. And this is the downside of a smartphone having a massive battery pack, it takes longer to fully charge the phone back up. Based on my observation, it usually takes me about 4 hours to full charge the phone from zero percent to 100%. That's the average time while using the phone at the same time. But when it's completely turned off, the charge time is much faster as expected.

2. Still uses microUSB

 The Realme 5 Pro has USB Type-C but this one still uses the microUSB port. I guess it would be a lot cooler if both variants now sport USB Type-C, would you agree?

Bonus like - PRICING: 

Of course, the most exciting part of all, the only thing that every fan was waiting for since unveiling the Realme 5 Series. The pricing. To be honest, I was really expecting this Realme 5 to be priced a bit higher than the initial pricing for the Realme 3, and that's something that everyone expects whenever a next-gen of device or gadget is released. Turns out that's not the case with the Realme me 5. They are priced exactly the same as the Realme 3. Php6,990 for the 3GB RAM+32GB storage (Lazada exclusive), Php7,990 for the 3GB+64GB, and Php9,990 for the 4GB+128GB variants. In fact, Realme 3 only maxed out at 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, Realme 5 is at 128GB. And that is real value right there!
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