Smart Giga Mania Promo Offers More than Php30 Million in Total Prizes Until January 31, 2020

In case you missed it, Smart Prepaid launched its latest promo for all its Smart, TNT, Sun, and Smart Bro prepaid subscribers just this October that will run until January 31, 2020 which offers tons of raffle prizes every week and in the grand raffle draw. All they have to do is register to the Smart Giga Mania promo, top up regular load, and subscribe to Smart Giga bundles by dialing *123# on their mobile phones.

The promo offers weekly winners of 30GB data valid for 60 days, Samsung Galaxy A50s, and Php1,000,000 cash prize. In the grand draw which will happen on February 3, 2020, one lucky winner will take home Php15,000,000, yes, Php15 million. Prizes are tax-free.

How raffle entry points are earned?

According to Smart Prepaid, those who top-up their account with regular load and/or register to the eligible Smart Giga plans will earn points. See below.

1. Via top-up of airtime/regular load. Prepaid subscribers who top-up airtime/regular load via the different available loading channels including prepaid load cards during the promo period is entitled to earn raffle entries.

2. Via availing qualified Giga offers. Prepaid subscribers who top-up qualified GIGA offers via different available loading channels or use their airtime/regular load to subscribe to qualified GIGA data offers during the promo period are entitled to earn raffle entries.

But first!

Don't forget to register to the Smart Giga Mania promo first by dialing *123# on your mobile phones in order to qualify for the promo and start earning raffle entries.

Qualified Giga data bundles are Giga Video, Giga Games, Giga Stories. Learn more here.

To see the full Smart Gigan Mania promo mechanics such as how and how much points are earned as well as weekly raffle draws, you can visit the website here.
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