Receive Western Union Remittance via PayMaya and Earn Cashback up to Php1,500 in Total

Even more reasons to start opening a PayMaya account and more good news for those who are already using PayMaya as their daily digital payment buddy like myself. This is because when they receive or claim their Western Union funds with their PayMaya account, they can earn as much as Php1,500 in cashback.

While this particular cashback promo offered by PayMaya is only good until February 2, 2020, we still have a few more days to take advantage of it. So how this cashback works? According to PayMaya, each time you receive your Western Union remittance through your PayMaya account, you can earn a cashback of Php50, Php100, or Php500. So the more remittance you claim with your PayMaya account within the promo period, the more cashback you can earn and that's up to a total of Php1,500 until Feb 2, 2020.

So how to claim your Western Union remittance with your PayMaya and get the cashback reward? See the following steps below.

STEP 1. Claim at least Php1,500 Western Union remittance using your upgraded PayMaya account. Simply go to the "Add Money" option in the app, select Western Union among the options, key in your remittance details, and tap receive.

The funds will be immediately available in your PayMaya account wallet which you can start using for payments or withdraw using your PayMaya ATM card right away.

STEP 2. Spend at least Php500 to pay your bills, send money, or shop online or in regular stores using your PayMaya account/card.

And that's it. Just wait for the SMS confirmation of your cashback.

In addition to the cashback promo above by following the steps mentioned, PayMaya is also giving away to its users a chance to win Php10,000 PayMaya credits. Ten raffle winners of Php10,000 credits each will be chosen by February 13, 2020, and will be awarded with this special prize from PayMaya.

The PayMaya service and mobile app is both available for download from Google Play and the App Store. Visit PayMaya website or Facebook page to learn more.
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