Realme Targets to Double Global Smartphone Shipment this 2020 to 50 Million

2019 was definitely a successful year for Realme not just in the Philippines but also in the global smartphone scene. So successful that the company managed to ship more than 25 million units of its smartphones, a pretty huge feat for a relatively young company in the super saturated smartphone industry. In spite of the success, the OPPO spin-off company is targeting to ship even more smartphones this year 2020 through entering the 5G space and introducing new Realme devices with unprecedented features and performance to hit 50 million plus units this year.

This 2020 target was formally announced by none other than Realme founder and CEO Sky Li during the official launch of the company's first 5G-enabled smartphone, the X50, after it recorded a 500% year-on-year (YOY) growth in 2019.

"The smartphone industry is a very competitive market where brands come and go, and it is fiercely growing as we speak. As a young brand, Realme is optimistic it will surpass all the challenges in the industry and continue broadening our market footprint with the youth as our number one motivation. We at realme will only keep moving forward and offer real value products to all," said Sky Li.

The company added that in keeping their "Dare to Leap" spirit, they will continue to offer strong and highly competitive products and smartphones from budget to upper midrange devices this year which definitely more and more fans will definitely love to see.

Realme keeps on continuously dominating the smartphone scenes in the international stage as of writing. 22 markets in total. In India, for example, the company has managed to be on the top 2 in terms of online market share at 26.5% according to the International Data Corporation. Then in Indonesia, Realme has the fourth largest market share.

In the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia, during Lazada's 2019 year-end sales, Realme was the king in terms of the best selling smartphone brand reigning the second, third, and fourth places, respectively.

According to Counterpoint's Q3 results, Realme ranked number 7th on the list of top smartphone brands in the world. This makes the brand the fastest-growing smartphone brand globally. In Spain, Realme was recognized as the 5th top smartphone brand in November 2019 after only a month of entering the said European market as per Counterpoint's report.

Beginning with the company's first and newly launched 5G smartphone, the Realme X50, this device will begin official rollout in China covering all price segments and allowing all future realme devices to be equipped with 5G capability from entry to flagship level devices. 5G enabled devices are still some of the most pricey smartphones out there even for markets where 5G network is already up and running. That said, if Realme will be able to deliver its promise of more affordable 5G smartphones than what others offer, I think this will be an exciting year even for markets like the Philippines where the 5G network upgrade is still being anticipated as of the moment.

Mentioning the 5G network status in the Philippines, Realme PH said they are continuing to work closely with local network providers, internet companies, as well as app developers to fast track the development of 5G in the Philippines and offer Filipinos better network service connectivity. As per current data, Philippines currently tops internet users in the world with 72 million mobile social media users that includes 26.59 million mobile phone subscribers.
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