HBO releases Westworld Season 3 trailer

westworld season 3 poster

A brand new trailer for Westworld Season 3 is unleashed

HBO just released a brand new and super hyped trailer for its upcoming Westworld season 3 and boy they are not in Western theme park anymore. This time around, the main cast Dolores and Maeve, after escaping the park, are now out in the real world, our world. And by what we see in the trailer, it's going to be full of everything futuristic - cars, buildings, drones, weapons, and robots.

And oh yes speaking of robots, Dolores and Maeve are up for some confrontations against each other in this season. Dolores appears to be building her own army against humanity while Maeve is sent by a mysterious new character to track Dolores down and kill her. Go watch it below.

It has been two years already since the release of the second season. The Westworld Season 3 with 8 episodes will be released on HBO and HBO Go beginning March 15, 2020.
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