Huawei Film Awards teams up with Filipino film directors

On February 4, I was invited by Huawei Philippines to attend its Huawei Film Awards (HFA) event held at SM Aura. It was a day filled with creativity and passion as the smartphone brand held the Huawei Film Awards, a grand showcase of the gift and talent of Filipinos. Several videos were played at the event (it was inside one of SM Aura's cinemas) which included short films from Pepe Diokno and Sid Maderazo, two of the most famous directors in the country, and singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan's musice video. The platform was also used as the official launch of Huawei's CSR documentary created by filmmaker and humanitarian Lyka Gonzalez.

So what's this Huawei Film Awards? As part of the steady movement prompted by last year's success of the Huawei Mate 30 Series in the Philippines, the Huawei Film Awards is an Asia Pacific festival dedicated to celebrating work captured and shot using any Huawei smartphone with the goal of uncovering and supporting the talents of next generation. Through the HFA and Huawei's groundbreaking smartphones, filmmakers are empowered to expand their scope and freedom to create breathtaking films.

Pepe Diokno

Renowned director, Pepe Diokno, expressed his admiration with the latest Huawei Mate 30 Pro as it was the main device he used when he shot his short film titled "Things". He shared, " We shot the whole film from morning until night and the battery lasted the whole day. We were shocked that we didn't have to charge while shooting! Every single frame was shot using the Mate 30 Pro and we didn't add anything else and the results were just amazing."

On the other hand, popular TV commercial director, Sid Maderazo, also shared his perspective on evolution of film making by saying, "The high end cameras obviously have a lot of advantages with big lenses, but I think we're going on the right direction. Witnessing and using the phone for me opens a lot of possibilities and seeing the films by Lyka and Pepe, and to think that everything was shot using a gadget that can fit inside your pocket is just mind blowing! And coming from film, that is something else."

Sid Maderazo

"The film that we produced was shot mostly on the Pro mode, that allowed us control on what shutter speed to use, aperture to use, and even the frame rate. So, that customization abilities gave us a lot of freedom and control in shooting the film that we want," shares Lyka Gonzales when she was asked which feature of the phone she liked the best while filming.

The Huawei Film Awards was not actually to showcase the prowess of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro but was also a way to shine light on important narratives for people to learn. Anna Oposa, Save Philippine Seas' Executive Director, discussed how the partnership with Huawei has not only given their organization a chance to be recognized more but also the various projects under them. Full of hope for the future, Anna says, "As the Philippines is the center of biodiversity, we are also the center of adversity. That's why the partnership with Huawei is so crucial. Huawei has always been at the forefront of developing technology and pushing what can be and what possibilities are. This is I hope the beginning of what is a deeper relationship with Huawei as we work together to reimagine possibilities".

The Huawei Film Awards for Asia Pacific region is set to take place this coming March 2020 in Thailand where several awards including APAC Best Director (Male or Female), APAC Best Actor (Male or Female), APAC Best Cinematography, and Best Fil, in the Country Level will be announced. Brilliant and accomplished filmmakers of this generation namely Pepe Diokno, Carlo Manatad, Martika Escobar, and JP Habac, are on the run to bagging these awards with their films entitled "Things, Tisay, Living Things, So Long So Long to Everyone.

Want to join the Huawei Film Awards and showcase your short films and meaningful stories? You can still submit your entries this month. Entries for the Asia Pacific Regional Huawei Film Awards will be accepted until February 25, 2020. The winner in the "APAC Best Film" category will take home the grand prize of US$20,000. To learn more about HFA, check this link.
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