OPPO also extends device warranty due to Enhanced Community Quarantine

oppo philippines warranty extension program

OPPO device warranty is extended

OPPO Philippines is one of the local companies announcing their warranty extension program for its customers nationwide affected by the on-going Enhanced Community Quarantine. In line with this, the company is offering warranty extension for all of its users and dealers affected by the quarantine. This extension covers provision on repair services and device and accessories replacement policies.

"We understand the difficulties that the Filipinos are going through at this period. As a way of helping, we've made adjustments in our business by offering a warranty extension to all OPPO users affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that this will somehow aid our consumers during this trying time,' said Kent Zhang, Head of Aftersales of OPPO Philippines.

Repair service warranty

According to OPPO's announcement, devices with warranty expiry dated March 9, 2020 until the last day of the quarantine period will be granted an extension for two months. The extension will take in effect beginning the day after the community quarantine period. The coverage includes repair services such as screen repair, hardware and software tune-ups, and other parts malfunctions.

The extension is applicable both for OPPO devices and accessories.

Device warranty replacement

Now as for the replacement, if a customer purchased an OPPO device between March 1 and 20, 2020, the replacement warranty will be extended for another seven days starting from the day after the quarantine is lifted. Customers are advised to still provide required documents and proofs for the claim on factory defects for the consideration of the extension.

OPPO Philippines also added that inspected and approved device replacements handled by an OPPO service center representative with an official issuance of Inspection Order starting February 20 until March 20 are also covered by the extension. Dealers affected will be able to to return the devices to OPPO by March 20, 2020.

To know more about latest updates from OPPO or if you have questions, feel free to visit the company's official Facebook page or their website.
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