Data shows Realme is keeping the 7th spot in the global smartphone market

realme global smartphone share

Realme remains strong

Despite the current coronavirus worldwide pandemic affecting almost every aspect of our daily lives and economies, including the smartphone market experiencing slowdown in sales, Realme manages to remain strong and keep its 7th place in the global smartphone market. The company's sales have remained strong in spite of the 14 percent decline in the global scene, that's according to the February Monthly Market Pulse report by the global industry analysis firm Counterpoint Research.

As shown in the graph above released by Counterpoint Research, Realme keeps its 2.7% global smartphone market share, making it keeps the 7th sport in the ranking together with other larger players in the industry such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei and many others.

While many brands in the technology sector have been greatly impacted by the current COVID-19 global crisis, many brands have been enforcing skeletal work in an effort to continuously support consumers while dealing with the crisis, and thankfully that includes Realme.

Warranty extended

In the Philippines, for example, the company has extended warranty and gadget replacement period for its products to support Filipinos during the government-imposed community quarantine. You can learn more about it in this separate post.

Also, to help Pinoy fans fight cabin fever and to give them more worthwhile reasons to stay at home while adhering to the quarantine guidelines, Realme Philippines has launched different knowledge-sharing programs through online such as Facebook livestream Squadcast and MasterShot series. The company's Philippine team is also dedicated to answering queries and concerns from customers through Realme Facebook community and the official Facebook page.
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