PayMaya shares five gift ideas that can easily get online for our moms this Mother's Day

mother's day gift ideas

Yes, Mother's Day is happening tomorrow, May 10. And if you are still thinking of ways to celebrate it with your mom while on stay-at-home mode this weekend, perhaps these five gift ideas shared to us by PayMaya will help you save the day and make your mom feel special this Sunday. 

Thankfully, more and more businesses are now re-opening and adapting online-based transactions with cashless payment options. This makes ordering food or buying things and services a lot easier and more convenient while we are locked up at home so long we have our trusty PayMaya account.  

1. For the movie junkie mom: If your mom loves movies, series or even Kdramas, why not give her access to all her favorite films and series through a Netflix subscription? If that's not enough, you can even set up a movie night with her together with the entire family with the gang's go-to snacks on the side. 

Using PayMaya to subscribe or pay existing Netflix subscription is super easy and fast. You can use either use your physical or virtual PayMaya card to do the transaction. For the snacks, you can order through online supermarkets like from Landers and and Super8, you can even pay by simply keying-in your mobile number associated with your PayMaya account to complete the transaction. Upon doing so, you can also score up to 100% bacskback or balikbayad for the purchase. 

2. For the senti type mom: Now if you are feeling a little crafty, you might want to create a scrapbook for your mom using materials that are readily available at home. You can put together those pictures of your favorite moments and little memorabilia such as theme park, airplane, and concert tickets. For an added  extra touch, you can throw in heart-felt letters written by all the family members and get ready for some happy tears from your senti mom.

In case you don't have scrapbook-worthy materials at home or there is only very little options, you can easily purchase from National Bookstore on Lazada and pay with your PayMaya account. 

3. For the foodie mom: What better way to spend a Mother's Day than with the people she loves most? Prepare a nice and warm Sunday meal or snacks with the whole family at home, and take the pressure off her hands by having her favorite food delivered. If that's a good idea for you, there's a great way to execute this by ordering food online through PayMaya's partner restaurants like McDonald's, Goldilocks, Army Navy, Shakey's, Red Ribbon, Chowking, Burger King, Domino's Pizza, Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Soban K-Town Grill, and Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ, and pay it using your mobile phone for up to 100% balikbayad. 

4. For the practical mom: One great way to show your love for your mom who keeps the house together is by helping out with the household expenses. You can care take of the groceries by simply purchasing them online, paying her bills for her, all with the help of your PayMaya account. You can even get Php100 cashback when you pay a PLDT bill worth at least Php1,000 this month, as well as Php50 balik bayad for Sun and Smart postpaid bills.

5 For the extroverted mom: Does your mom miss all her friends and relatives? How about setting up one big video call with the whole family family to greet her and her fellow moms a happy Mother's Day? You can make sure you stay connected by buying data packages for your and the rest of her friends at discounted rates through PayMaya app!

PayMaya is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app for free from app stores and register with your mobile number of any network. To learn more you can visit PayMaya website. 
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