First Game Trailer for Metal Slug Code: J for Smartphones Arrives

metal slug code: j smartphone game

It has been previously reported that SNK is collaborating with TiMi Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games company, to resurrect one of the most classic games of the arcade world of past decades - Metal Slug. Yes, that arcade game that became part of our daily childhood life that cost us tons and tons of coins and after-school hours to play until arcades became no more. Today, the first game trailer for the mobile game version has arrived.

It was also reported that SNK was actually developing two Metal Slug games, one for the console and another for smartphones. Today, the company has dropped the first trailer for the smartphone version of the game, it does not have an official title yet, but at the moment the game is currently known as the Metal Slug Code: J. 

As we can see in the trailer above for Android and iOS smartphones, it still has those classic art style and gameplay of the beloved Metal Slug of old but with the graphics even more enhanced and has more 3D effects to them. Familiar weaponry, tanks, and characters are also seen in the clip. 

Unfortunately, there is no set release date yet for the said Metal Slug Code: J. Hopefully it will arrive before 2020 ends. And in case you have no idea who TiMi Studios yet, it is owned by Tencent Games which is also one of the biggest names in the world of mobile games. TiMi Studios is also the same company behind the development of Call of Duty: Mobile and the recently announced and upcoming Pokemon Unite.
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