Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition Launched

samsung galaxy s20 plus bts edition

The latest Galaxy S flagship from Samsung is definitely not complete without a special edition hitting the market just like what the Korean electronics giant has done in the past with their yearly top-of-the-line offerings. In the past generations of Galaxy S and even Galaxy Note devices, we had seen Iron Man, Batman, and Star Wars special and limited editions. Today, Samsung is tapping the famous K-Pop male group - BTS, and releasing the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition. Also, a matching Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition is coming along this release.

This BTS Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ comes in a special purple colorway, which is the same color that is mostly associated with the band. It also features the group's logo and purple heart iconography. 

samsung galaxy s20 plus bts edition

Both the 5G and LTE variant are receiving this BTS Edition treatment. In addition to the mentioned design features above, the phone will also come pre-installed with BTS-inspired themes, and a fan community platform called Weverse which the band uses to communicate with its fans and give updates through. There are also exclusive photo cards included in the packaging showcasing the pictures of BTS members for fans to appreciate, and then some decorative stickers allowing fans and users to personalize their new Galaxy S20 Plus further. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus BTS Edition is also coming in purple colorway with the BTS' logo and heart icon. Each purchase will also come with photo cards of the band members. 

Fans will be able to pre-order the Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition starting June 15th exclusively from Weverse. Then starting June 19th, the Galaxy S20 Plus, as well as the 5G variant, BTS Edition will be available for pre-order from Samsung's website. The phone will be available on July 9th. 

Source: Samsung
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