Smart Bro Unveils new LTE-Advanced Pocket WiFi Plans with Speed Twice as Fast

smart lte pocket wifi 2020

Smart Communications Ins has just unveiled its brand new LTE-Advanced Pocket WiFi Plans through its Facebook page. The company promises speeds of up to two times faster than the old LTE Pocket WiFi. How do they do it? Well, Smart Bro will use the "carrier aggregation" tech which is a method of combining multiple signals from different cell sites improving the data flow through the pocket wifi modem. 

With this new LTE-A Pocket WiFi, users can connect up to 10 devices at a time. Postpaid data plan starts at Php699 per month where Php499 is for the plan itself and then the Php200 is for the gadget fee. It's offered under a 12-month contract. 

The device and plan can be availed through this online page from Smart or through its stores. 
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