PLDT, Smart and Foodpanda Partner Up To Launch Smart Ka-Panda Postpaid Plan For Riders

smart ka-panda postpaid plan

PLDT and Smart are joining forces together with Foodpanda in a effort to make its riders' life on a daily basis a lot easier and smarter in terms of connectivity with their respective customers. This partnership gives way to the launch of the Foodpanda riders-exclusive bundle called Smart Ka-Panda Postpaid Plan. 

Smart Ka-Panda Postpaid Plan is a Foodpanda-exclusive mobile bundle that will provide its riders with the mobility to make use of their delivery app, Roadrunner, as well as other navigational applications. This partnership between these tech giants will was created to bridge the gap between riders and customers, which according to Jovy Hernandez, the PLDT President and CEO and SVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups, was the main objective of the collaboration all along. 

"We know that Foodpanda always wants to go extra mile to make the experience of their customer more memorable. With this in mind, we've partnered with them to ensure that drivers be provided with the means to ensure service quality as part of the customer experience. Now, bringing good food into the everyday is made easier and more accessible," Jovy Hernandez added. 

Foodpanda's Community and Communications Manager, Jao Manahan, said that as they always seek what is best for their riders as well as the best for their customers, they hope that this partnership will bring tremendous help and value to the Foodpanda community. And this is just actually the beginning of more projects that they currently have in developments. 

"Moving forward, this partnership is expected to grow and prosper into new opportunities. More projects and campaigns are in the pipeline for this collaboration in an effort to provide new and exciting benefits for our riders. As such, this collaboration only marks the start of what we can do alongside SMART and PLDT, which makes us believe that opportunities are indeed endless when you have formidable allies on your side," added Jao Manahan. 
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