Go Cashless with PayMaya and Get Php100 Upon Sign Up

paymaya referral bonus

Going cashless is now part of our new normal in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, thankfully there is PayMaya to the rescue and always ready to help us adapt to the new reality of doing transactions with our suking tindahan, our friends' newly launched online selling venture, shopping malls, coffee shops, and more the safest way. This is the best time to start using PayMaya, and there is no other perfect time to do this than today as PayMaya is you Php100 credit upon signing up and upgrading your newly approved PayMaya account. Actually, we both get the rewards, just make sure to use the code above upon registration. 

Having an option to go cashless for our purchases or transactions like paying bills, buying prepaid loads, paying a seller or simply sending money to loved ones and friends has brought great convenience and peace of mind to many Filipinos. This has also helped and been helping the nation lessening the risk of transmitting the virus through cash handling. 

If you have not tried PayMaya yet and are still looking for a safe, convenient, and a rewarding way to pay during quarantine and beyond, I invite you to create a PayMaya account now. Start downloading the app now from Google Play, App Store, or AppGallery, sign up and use the referral code above so you and I can both get Php100 PayMaya credits. Win win, right? 

This referral program from PayMaya is only good until July 15, 2020. Kaya pakibilisan! hahaha

Now if you are a PayMaya user already and would like to earn that Php100 bonus credit as well when inviting your friends, just follow the steps below on how to generate your code. 
  • Tap the menu button on your PayMaya account
  • Choose "Invite Friends" 
  • Share your unique invite code to as many friends as you like
You can check out paymaya.com/refer to learn more about this referral program from PayMaya. 

Apart from this Php100 bonus, you can also receive cashbacks or "balik bayad" when you use PayMaya. 


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