PayMaya helps over 40 schools go cashless to adapt the new normal

PayMaya helps school go cashless

School are now starting to open across the nation and due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the goal to lessen the spread of the new coronavirus, schools also need to adapt to the "new normal" in this time of crisis in an effort to help the Philippines fight and eventually kill the virus. One of the best ways to do this is to go cashless, thankfully PayMaya is all equipped and ready to help over 40 schools nationwide to implement this and assist students to maximize the use of their PayMaya accounts in doing their day to day transactions online and at school. 

"As we prepare to open another school year, ensuring that health and safety measures are implemented across learning institutions is important to protect both parents and students. By implementing PayMaya's suite of cashless payment solutions on their online and physical channels, our school partners are adapting to provide continuous quality education to students in a safe and convenient way even amid the current crisis," PayMaya President Shailesh Baidwan said.

 Among these schools include UP, ADDU, La Salle Green Hills, DBTI-MAKATI, NAIS Manila, MCM, UIC and many others. They are enabling their online student portals with PayMaya's online payment gateway, which allows them to easily process tuition and other payments using debit and credit cards and e-wallets like PayMaya.

Additionally, these schools or institutions are also equipping their establishments' cashiers with the One by PayMaya POS device for a safer and more seamless payment transactions by using the scan-to-pay via PayMaya QR feature by simply tapping or dipping using their credit, debit, or prepaid cards. 

This is actually not the first time PayMaya has worked with schools in the country as they have previously collaborated with institutions like University of the Philippines, La Salle Green Hills, LPU-Batangas and STI where the company rolled out PayMaya-powered student ID cards among the students. This innovation enabled students to link their IDs with their PayMaya accounts which then allowed them to maximize its potentials and enjoy the convenience it offered by going digital and cashless for their everyday transactions even outside of the campus. 
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