Huawei MatePad is the homeschoolers' best educational tablet

Huawei MatePad android tablet

While most people are urged to transition to a new normal, our daily routines and needs are slowly adapting to it. For students, they are encouraged to attend online classes to finish their subjects and class curriculum. This requires them to also find the best tools that can help them cope with this challenging situation. Great thing Huawei is here to help parents and students decide the best device for eLearning - meet the new Huawei MatePad.  

The Huawei MatePad is fully equipped to let your children learn and have fun anytime while in quarantine. Designed to facilitate a better video calling experience, the new Huawei MatePad includes a quad-microphone array supporting noise reduction feature that ensures smooth exchanges. FollowCam, on the other hand, is supported on the 8MP wide-angle front camera that can track the moving subject and intelligently adjust the screen accordingly, while also supporting gesture control including Smart View, Spotlight mode and Camera Gestures. With FollowCam enabled, your children can always be in the center of the frame during video calls, and Smart View and Spotlight modes provide more engaging and efficient group communications. In addition, Huawei MatePad supports for smart keyboard and Huawei M-Pencil makes it easy to jot down notes and capture spontaneous inspirations. 

To provide a more comfort experience, the new Huawei MatePad features an Eye Comfort mode that further reduces harmful blue light, as well as eBook mode that intelligently adjusts the contrast, brightness and definition for a more comfortable e-book reading experience, almost like flipping through real books. Try using Kids Corner to guide how your kids use the tablet. You can set time limits, access restrictions, installation permissions, and more. Kids Corner on the new Huawei MatePad offers a safe and secure zone for your children to learn and have fun with the tablet. Parental control options let parents easily manage the content and apps that is available to their children.

Running EMUI 10.1, Huawei MatePad is jam-packed with a variety of smart features that take full advantage of Huawei's distributed technology to fundamentally change the way you interact with their devices. Multi-Window not only allows two apps to be open concurrently, the apps can also interact with each other for maximum multi-tasking efficiency. App Multiplier shows two instances of the same app through two independently operable windows.

Multi-screen Collaboration helps you connect Huawei smartphone with the Huawei MatePad and seamlessly use two devices at once on a single display. After a simple and intuitive pairing process, files can be transferred by performing a drag-and-drop action. EMUI 10.1 also features Huawei MeeTime, Huawei's native chat functionality, supporting up to 1080p high quality video calling between two Huawei devices.

Download free learning apps on AppGallery or Petal Search Widget

Huawei AppGallery comes with full cycle security and protection, including developer real-name verification and four-step review process for secure app operation. All apps go through a rigorous verification test to prevent developer's apps from malicious activity. It has an age-rating system to create a safe environment for children, filtering out apps that are not suitable for their age range. On the other hand, Huawei Petal Search Widget, is a new tool that can assist you in finding more apps for your children. As your gateway to a million of apps, it will not limit the results to news, images, and entertainment only.

Huawei MatePad android tablet

To help your children gear up for a productive year of homeschooling, check out these apps as recommended by Huawei that can be downloaded from the AppGallery.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus is America's most useful and respected dictionary, optimized for your Huawei MatePad. This is the best app for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building. Now, they have added new word games to test your vocabulary for everyone from English learners to total word nerds. Download it here.

Calculator is an ad-free and intelligent voice calculator that integrates scientific calculations, mortgage calculations, and exchange rate taxes. This also supports basic operations such as addition, substraction, multiplication, and division used daily. It supports viewing history function and copy and paste functions for added convenience. Download it here.

Dear translate - free English translation is an app that supports translation in more than 100 languages. This app helps you meet your need for translation when studying, working, and more. It features AR translation that allows you to translate words upon scanning with camera and also features simultaneous translation with streaming speech recognition that translates your words while you are speaking.  Download it here.

Kahoot is an app that makes learning more fun for everyone. With this app, you can create quizzes in seconds, play anytime on your own, with family or friends. It unleashes the magic of learning for students, teachers, trivia fans and lifelong learners. Download it here.

Drawing Desk is a free drawing app for adults and kids on Android. This app can definitely enhance creativity skills. Anyone can draw, paint, and scribble to digital illustrations and art in the drawing desk application. Download it here

ZOOM Cloud Meeting is one of the best video conferencing tools for virtual meetings and hangouts. It can be used for work and to livestream educational materials for children. To download ZOOM on Huawei MatePad, you will need to download Petal Search Widget first from the AppGallery, add the Petal Seach Widget to your homescreen, type "zoom app" in the search tab, click "download for Windows - Zoom" then select "Download from ZOOM" to successfully download the app.

Huawei MatePad enables advanced and efficient learning. It also brings the seamless, smart interaction experience to a wider audience. The new Huawei tablet is the ideal companion for learning, entertainment, and everything in between. The MatePad is available in Midnight Grey for Php20,990 via retail partners. 

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