Gong Xi Fa Cai! Here's What to Look Forward to this Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner! And while public gatherings and grand celebrations on the streets are not allowed, you can still enjoy the festivities at home. Here's what you can do to celebrate the Chinese New Year even if you and your family are staying indoors. 

Relax over the long weekend

This 2021, the Chinese New Year falls on a Friday - which means you have three whole days to enjoy some we-deserved "me time"! You can opt to stay in and binge-watch your favorite shows since most festivities in Binondo are are cancelled due to safety precautions. Here are three items to make your binge-watching more pleasant.

Popcorn Maker

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What's a movie without popcorn? Make your own favorite popcorn with this Popcorn Maker from Russell Hobs Fiesta.

Smart TV

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Immerse yourself with the movies with a wide, high-definition screen from ACE.

Inflatable Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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Whether you're watching along or with a significant other, finding the perfect spot is the best way to spend the weekend. 

Celebrate with your favorite Chinese New Year treats and delicacies at home

Just because celebrations are cancelled does not mean you can't enjoy the holiday. Instead of risking your health by dining out, you can order in some Chinese takeout. Better yet, prepare a home-cooked Chinese New Year meal with your family- fun and inexpensive! Here are three products that will come in handy in the kitchen:


shopee wok pan
Perfect your pancit canton and fried rice recipes with this durable wok pan from Telaf . The exclusive titanium hard base makes it an ideal investment for the aspiring chef.

Air Fryer

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Tempted to make dumplings this Chinese New Year? Opt for the healthier cooking option with the Kyowa Air Fryer.


shopee Tikoy
What's Chinese New Year without a dessert as delicious as tikoy? Grab yours from Polland now, just in time for the celebrations!

Preserve the tradition of giving "ang pao"

shopee ang pao
On top of the festive food and drinks, superb dragon dances, and the last-minute shopping for new clothes, the Chinese also look forward to receiving red packets, or ang paos, during house visits and reunions with relatives. The giving of ang paos during Chinese New Year is a meaningful gesture, with the red color of the envelope symbolizing energy, happiness, and good luck. These are traditionally handled out by married couples to the young generations, as a sign of goodwill and a symbol of fortune. 

Although big gatherings are currently banned, you can still digitally send ang paos to your loved ones via ShopeePay! ShopeePay is Shopee's integrated mobile wallet that lets you pay for your online purchases, utility bills, NBI clearance, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers. 

Here's how you can digitally money to friends and relatives.

For more information about the money transfers, check this out 

You can also download the Shopee mobile app from the App Store and Google Play.

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