Shopee is Giving Away Php1 Million Worth of Free Money this 9.9 Super Shopping Day

If you love online shopping, you should know that there are plenty of benefits to using ShopeePay, Shopee's all-in-one eWallet, to pay for your purchases. 

First of all, the convenience is unparalleled. You simply have to top-up your ShopeePay wallet through your debit card or online banking to enjoy seamless transactions. Second, it's a lot safer for your health. You can lessen face-to-face interactions with couriers or personnel at payment centers by using ShopeePay. Lastly, it's extremely rewarding. ShopeePay users get to enjoy exclusive perks such as cashback, discounts, and, this action-packed 9.9 Super Shopping Day, free money!

By free money, we mean free ShopeePay credits added to your ShopeePay account. Shopee is giving away a total of Php1,000,000 worth of free money, with thousands of users standing to win Php100 each. Whether you are new or existing Shopee user, you're eligible to win when you follow the steps below until September 11.

If you have never purchased from Shopee before, get the chance to win some free money for your first-ever shopping spree in a few easy steps:

1. Sign up for a Shopee account
2. Activate your ShopeePay wallet
3. Sign up for the free money at
4. Verify your account to qualify for the promo

Can't forget our loyal Shopee fa,, of course. If you are an existing buyer, just sign up at the same link, make sure your ShopeePay account is fully verified, and make a purchase worth at least Php100 using ShopeePay until September 11, 2021.

Shopee will choose thousands of lucky winners, who can expect Php100 worth of free money to be credited to their ShopeePay wallets after two to four working days.

You can thereafter use your fully verified ShopeePay account to buy load or data, pay bills, withdraw and transfer money, and more.\

In the meantime, if you're planning to go shopping, remember to use ShopeePay for more deals. Until September 8, top up your ShopeePay wallet through your debit card and online banking to enjoy exclusive ShopeePay promos such as up to 50% off; Php5 mobile data for only Php1; and ShopeePay Php1 deals from PureGold, Seaoil, Potato Corner, and more.

For more information on ShopeePay free money you can visit the link posted above on step 3. 

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