The New Nintendo Switch OLED Model is Coming Out on Oct 8

Nintendo has just officially made the much talked about OLED version of its highly successful Nintendo Switch handheld gaming console. While it is the same Nintendo Switch that we know, most especially in terms of available games, physical design, and processor, this new OLED variant offers noticeable changes and upgrades - being one of those is, you guessed it - an all-new OLED display panel.  It's not only that, the screen size is now much bigger as well which comes at 7 inches (was 6.2" on the base model) with the bezel a lot thinner than the current (or previous) model. So bigger display, smaller bezels, and OLED panel - I am in! 

According to Nintendo, this OLED variant of the Switch will be available in North America beginning Oct 8 with a price tag of only Php349.99, about $50 more expensive than the current base model. 

In addition to the display panel upgrades, the new Nintendo Switch OLED model offers slight changes to some of its features. The kickstand on the back is now much wider as opposed to the current model, the dock now comes with a wired LAN port, has 64GB internal storage (twice as the Lite and base model), the audio is now enhanced and also now supports wireless audio connection via Bluetooth. 

There is no word yet as to if and when this will reach the Philippine market and for how much. 

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