Huawei Officially Launches the HUAWEI Watch Fit new in the Philippines

Huawei Watch Fit new

Looking for a perfect workout buddy that can celebrate with you in each of your fitness milestone? Then, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT new is just the one for you! Get it for only Php4,99 (SRP Php4,999) with freebies such as wireless charging table lamp worth Php2,499 and colorful speakers worth Php1,399 (until supplies last) only until October 31. So hurry before you miss these out! 

The new Huawei Watch Fit new comes with a rectangular watch body and includes a new rope skipping workout mode and trendy colorways. Meanwhile, the metallic watch frame is matched with a colorful watch straps, allowing users to pair the smartwatch with various scenarios. The two new colorways include the Pomelo Red and Isle Blue, offering different ways to mix and match with your outfit, making the Huawei Watch Fit new a smartwatch that integrate both fashion and fitness. 

Unleash your style in every inch with the unique perfectly proportioned square form and the exceptionally lightweight body. The watch combines a dazzling 1.64-inch large AMOLED screen with 70% screen-to-body ratio. Weighing just 21g (without strap), this smartwatch has a light and sleek appearance on the wrist watch can complement the wearer's outfit. 

Compact design with excellent visual and wearing experience

Huawei Watch Fit new adopts a unique aspect ratio and a rectangular design to enhance the visual recognition of the smartwatch. The 1.64-inch AMOLED 456x280 display supports 16.7 full-color display to present vibrant and delicate colors. At the same time, this watch supports the watch face market for users to download ore than 300 different styles of watch faces, users can also set their favorite photos on the  smartphone  as the watch face to create a personalized display. 

This newly announced Huawei Watch Fit new comes in Isle Blue, Sakura Pink, Pomelo Red, and Graphite Black. The color saturation has been finely adjusted and coordinated with the metallic watch frame to represent energy and vitality.

Huawei Watch Fit new

Small in size, big in intelligence

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT new maybe small in size, but it is extremely intelligent. In one, small, sophisticated square, the watch does not only come with the crowning feature of long battery life, it also features Huawei's own fast-charging technology. Significant breakthroughs and enhancements have also been made to the watch's Sports and Health features.

The watch features HUAWEI TruSeenTM 4.0 heart rate technology, Huawei's own multi-sensor AI Neural network algorithm with expertly developed PPG components. Using this technology, the Huawei Watch Fit new is able to provide more accurate, 24-hour heart monitoring to track changes in blood oxygen, sleep and stress conditions. By providing the wearer with these results and recommendations for improvement, this is definitely a smartwatch with fully comprehensive , all-around health management capabilities. Aside from this, it also features a pioneering menstrual cycle management function, developed specifically for female users. What's more is that, users can check the changes in SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) levels throughout the day with the Huawei Health App, a great feature to help those interested in keeping close tabs on their health.

Huawei Watch Fit new

Private courses and professional instruction

The Huawei Watch Fit new not only offers more than just supporting 97 sports modes and supports an animated personal trainer. With an in-built set of individually animated classes demonstrating 44 standard workout sequences, the wearer receives one-on-one, visual fitness support and guidance without  the need for a smartphone or any other device.

With this watch, you can break away from the hectic rhythm of work and everyday life, and focus on keeping your heart active. Staying fit and healthy has never been easier. 12 easy fitness classes have been developed to target all the most common concerns, including fat burning, toning and tension relief in the shoulders and neck. These courses have no restrictions on time or place so, whether at home or at the office, staying active with an easy fitness program is as quick and simple as grabbing a cup of coffee. The Huawei Watch Fit new also features 13 running courses to suit runners of all levels, with a step-by-step scientific breakdown to guide the wearer through the workout in real-time. 

Intelligent interaction

The numerous intelligent features of the Huawei Watch Fit new have been carefully considered to enhance any setting, be it travel, the workplace or everyday life, with convenient and smart technologies. 

The HUAWEI WATCH FIT new will now open up a new nd unique Smart Wear experience so intelligently designed; you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

The Huawei Watch Fit new is now available via Huawei's official stores on Shopee, Lazada, and own online stores. 

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