Nintendo Switch OLED Model Now Available and Priced in the Philippines

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

The much awaited Nintendo Switch OLED model is now officially available and priced in the Philippines. I was actually quite surprised that it was also made available the same day as its global release, and that's actually a good since Filipino fans who have been waiting and wanting to get their hands on this latest edition of the popular gaming console didn't have to wait longer than the rest of the world. 

The Nintendo Switch OLED edition is officially priced at Php24,995 at DataBlitz and comes with bundled with two games. At iTech and Game One PH, this model has an SRP of Php23,595 and bundled with Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game. 

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model, as the new suggests, offers an OLED display panel with 720p HD resolution and a much bigger screen display at 7". This type of display offers much vivid and crisper color and deeper blacks across the screen. One other good thing about OLED panels are they are power-saving piece of tech as opposed to the LCD ones. 

Additionally, this latest installment now offers a much better stand for tabletop mode, an enhanced audio quality, and wired LAN port. And the internal storage is now twice as much at 64GB right out of the box. Needless to say, all previously released joy-cons and Nintendo games are also compatible with this one, and that is a huge plus especially for those players who will upgrade to this model.  

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