Netflix Now Allows You To Logout one of the Users or Devices from Your Account

Netflix update

There is a new update released by Netflix which will definitely benefit all users especially those accounts that are accessed by multiple users or devices. This update allows account holders to see all linked devices to their Netflix account. The preview also provides account holders the type of device being connected and gives them the ability to remotely logout each one individually.

According to Netflix, this particular update is very much helpful for users who are travelling. For example if they accessed their Netflix account on a smart TV of the hotel room they were staying in and forgot logout before leaving. They can simply kickout this particular device instead of every device connected to the account. Prior to this update, the only option users had was to log out of all connected devices, which was actually a bit of a hassle especially if you just wanted to remove one of the devices or users from accessing your account.

How to logout one of the users or devices on Netflix?

On the Account Settings of your Netflix account, go to Security and Privacy section, and right there you will see the new Manage Access and Devices option. Select that and on the next page, you see all the connected devices. Information you will find on the page include the type of devices, the approximate IP location, last streamed and which profile was used. Right next to each user, or device is the Sign Out button. Click that and confirm and that's it. 

Netflix new manage feature

This new update is now available on the web, Android, and iOS devices. If you don't see it yet, make sure that your mobile app version is updated. 

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