@UseYourName Now Allows You to Send and Receive Money with Maya

Maya Username feature

Maya just recently rolled out a new way for its users to send and receive money that promises to be safer, more secure and more personal. Starting today, Maya users can now assign or create a @username within the Maya app and start using only this to send and receive money with Maya. This is the first time I heard about this kind of feature or functionality, so kudos to the Maya team for making this a reality. Hopefully this will be able to deliver and will be found by more Filipinos to be useful and more convenient. 

Maya said that much like how you tag your family and friends on social media, you can use your @username when requesting payments - no need to memorize and input 11-digit mobile numbers. If you are a small busines owner, this feature can come in handy as you can easily set up your store name as your account username for an easier, hassle-free mode of payment.

"We are excited to be the country's first digital bank to launch this feature as we continue to help Filipinos master their money and enable meaningful personalization. It's a game-changer for safety and making our experience with sending money more fun - especially when you attach a GIF to it! said Pepe Torres, Chief Marketing Officer for Maya Philippines. 

This is a feature recently released for Maya users following the ability to also attach GIF to payments they send, thanks to exclusive partnership with Giphy. With this partnership, this allows users to access more than 10 billions GIFs from Giphy within the Maya app and make money transactions even way cooler and more personalized. 

Maya username

How to setup Maya @username ?

1. Tap the "Profile" icon on the upper-left corner and tap "Get Started"
2. Key in your preferred @username and hit "Confirm"
3. Finish off by keying in the One Time Passcode (OTP) sent via SMS

Once you have setup your own @username, your friends and family can now start using them to send you money or pay you for something. Just tell them to follow the steps below. 

1. Tap "Send Money" on the Maya app
2. Key in your @username, input the amount of money to be sent, and tap "Continue"
3. Review the "Send Money" transaction details and tap "Send"
4. Wait for Maya's confirmation via SMS

Just like setting up @username on any social media platform, @username on Maya is also a first-come first-served basis and has to be unique. So think about it first before finalizing your username. Make sure it is simple and easy to type and remember not just by you but also by other users. And once you have created your username, it cannot be changed anymore. 

To learn more about this new feature and to answer some questions you might have, you can visit maya.ph/useyourname.

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