Register Your Smart SIM Card and Get 3GB of Data for Free

free 3GB data from Smart

Today starts the SIM card registration following the mandate of the Philippine government that everyone should register their postpaid or prepaid SIM cards to their respective telco providers. In case you don't know yet as to how and where you can register your Smart SIM card, you can check this separate post of mine in this link

Many Smart users are successful in their registration journey today, however, even many more are struggling to get their SIM card registered due to portal being too overcrowded and therefore going down. It's kind of expected though as there are millions and millions of Smart users in the Philippines. If you have not registered yours yet, don't worry though, you can still try again some other time as this registration period will last for six months. 

While almost everyone is already eager enough to register their SIM cards, Smart still just outed a treat for everyone who will get their SIM cards registered - a free 3GB of data! And there are only three easy steps to take advantage of this. 

free 3GB data from Smart

1. Visit the or scan the QR code in the image above
2. Supply the needed information
3. Wait for an SMS confirmation and claim your 3GB data

If you are a postpaid subscriber, all you have to do is text YES to 5858.

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