Nintendo Outs Wii Mini in Canada

If the newly released Nintendo Wii U is too expensive for your pocket to produce which starts at $300, the Wii manufacturer has an alternative for you that offers Big Fun at a Mini Price, the Nintendo Mini and the selling price is just $100.

The Japenese gaming company announced that they are launching the Nintendo Wii mini in Canada and will be available for the Canadian gamers to purchase beginning December 7, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The question now is, is this Mini version of Wii ever going to be available to the rest of the fans outside Canadian border? We'll know soon for sure but as of yet the statement Nintendo released is "

According to a post on GMA News website, unlike the Wii U the minified game system does not connect to the internet and does not support online features in games but certainly compatible with Wii software and includes up to 1,300 games and accessories. Backwards support is also not an option on this one so for the GameCube games, those are out in the Mini. Nintendo says "It's a great value for Wii first time owners who just want to jump in".

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