Watch the Fan Made Film DRAGON BALL Z: THE FALL OF MEN Teaser Trailer Here

This is a fan-made live-action short film for the Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men and its first trailer has been published online. It's not the usual Dragon Ball story we have here, it's kind of dark based on what the trailer shows and if the whole film is as good as this trailer, I think it's going to be an awesome fan-made film I will ever see. The Fall of Men is created by these two movie makers Yohan Faure & Vianney Griffon.

Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men official Synopsis:
“The world is not like it is supposed to be, something happened in the course of time.”
With these words Trunks wakes up in the middle of a ruined city. He then remembers the loss of his friends, his preparation to fight Cell, even though he knows he might not be strong enough, he will still try to make a difference.
“The Fall of Men” is born from our desire to tell the DRAGON BALL Z story in a more realistic and dramatic way. Set in a different future than the canon, this untold story focuses on the son of VEGETA who tries to save the Earth against the infamous CELL.

To get more information about this film such as when and where it will be released you may visit its official Facebook page of which the link is provided below. : )

Source: The Fall of Men (Facebook)

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