Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480 Connects to Up to Three Devices at Once

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is the newly announced Bluetooth keyboard that lets users control up to three devices at once regardless of their operating system or platform. Through its Easy-Switch dial, users can toggle between the screens of a smartphone, tablet or PC, type and reply to whatever message they need to input.

"Typing needs have evolved and consumers are computing and texting across multiple screens, often using two or three different operating systems," said Charlotte Johs, global VP of computer peripherals, Logitech.

What is unique about this particular bluetooth keyboard is that it can also serve as a docking station for smartphone or tablet in a viewing angle position, so switching and viewing between these two portable devices is going to be a lot easier. See the image above how that thing works and below is the photo showing the Easy-Switch dial.What about the price? It is expected to be released in the US this month for $49.99, sounds nice right? I want this to be available in the Philippines as well with not so high price tag so I can buy one. : )

What operating systems are supported? Basically almost every OS that we know and are currently available on the market. Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Windows Phone, iOS, Android. 

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