This is How You Do a Drop Test on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Violently

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the newest and the most awaited smartphones from the Korean tech giant. One of the smartphone's claims is that it can stand numerous falls without becoming damaged and non-functional due to the amount of time, effort and smart technologies the company has put in the newest flagship. Now this amateur video clip here shows a proof that Samsung is not lying about this that.

I have seen countless drop test footage done on most of the smartphone and tablet flagships from Apple and Samsung and the way they do it is a bit amateur, just kidding. But nothing as violent as this short video clip shows. In the video a woman is shown doing some navigation on the smartphone and then all of a sudden she drops or I wanna say throws (because she does it with noticeable force) the Galaxy S6 Edge against the floor face first. She smashes the device not once but THRICE to the ground!. Check the short clip below and see what happens to the phone.

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