SKK Mobile Iron 3: What We Know So Far

SKK Mobile, in partnership with Ding Ding Technology, has brought amazing phones in the local market under the budget segment of the industry. So far there is the SK series which offers nice set of specs at prices that don't require breakings of piggy banks, and then there is the Iron Series which so far has released Iron 1 and Iron 2. These are all Ding Ding Technology-made devices.

Aside from the two Iron smartphones, there is still a third member of this line up which is simply called Iron 3. SKK Mobile has been teasing us about this phone for a few days now and so far they have released significant features and specs to expect from this device when it is released.
Below are the list of photos SKK Mobile has posted on their Facebook page showing the details about the upcoming Iron 3 smartphone.

skk mobile iron 3 (2)

 skk mobile iron 3 (3)

 skk mobile iron 3 (4) skk mobile iron 3

Of course you can already expect some of the SKK Mobile followers on Facebook have asked about the full specs and price, to which the local electronics company happily responded that those will be released soon. While we just do not know when that is going to be, but the fact that we are already seeing these teasers from SKK Mobile, we will for sure know about it before the holiday shopping season officially arrives.

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