HMD Global is Developing a Gaming-Centric Nokia Smartphone Too

Gaming centric smartphones such as those from Razer, Huawei, and ASUS, have become bigger and more popular these past couple of months, thanks to the growing number of mobile gamers and mobile games itself. And based from the latest teaser that has been spotted online, it appears that another big player in the smartphone scene is also about to launch their own gaming smartphone. It's non other than HMD Global through its Nokia devices.

The now-deleted teaser from Nokia Mobile India's Twitter account was captioned with a question that asks "Are you ready to #GameOne?" and was accompanied by a very short clip featuring some gaming scenes and characters.

Apart from this tweet, there's not much more to know about this. Now if this is a real gaming smartphone, HMD Global better be equipping this device with a Snapdragon 845 chip, at least 6GB of RAM, a huge internal storage right out of the box, some built-in cooling system, and most of all, it does not have a notch anywhere on the screen.

Hopefully HMD Global will provide more details on this real soon. But knowing that the teaser had already been released, or leaked, this could mean that its official launch is just right around the corner.
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