Globe Now Offers Huawei Mate 20 Series Under Postpaid Plans

In the local retail world, both the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro have been doing really great in terms of sales which of course translates to how Filipino consumers love these new flagship devices from Huawei. So much so that Huawei Philippines said about Php100 million worth of Mate series have been sold on day one alone.

Now there are even more Pinoy users, like myself, who would really love to get one of these Mate 20 smartphones like right now, it's just that many of us don't have the cash right away. And for that reason, postpaid plans are the best and easiest way to get our hands-on these latest innovations from Huawei. Thankfully though, Smart had already announced theirs, and then today, Globe Telecom has just released their postpaid offerings for these devices on their website.

Huawei Mate 20

For the Mate 20, we can get it for as low as Plan 599 with a device monthly cashout fee of  only Php950. That's a total of Php1,549/month for a two-year contract. Out of this Plan 599, we get to enjoy 2.5GB data and unli text to all networks with the following perks as stated on Globe's website.
  • Amazon Prime Video and Twitch Prime (6-month subscription on us; no data allocation included)
  • Facebook (24-month subscription with 1GB per month)
  • Free 1 month Gadget Care
  • Free shipping

You can also apply for plans as high as 2499 with Php950 device monthly cashout of only Php950 and get as much as 21GB, Unli Text to all networks and unli calls to Globe/TM per month.

Apply and get approved by November 30 of this year and you will get a free Huawei SoundStone Bluetooth speaker worth Php2,990.

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro 

And then for the Mate 20 Pro, basically the same postpaid lineup, services, and perks are available with this one. Only the monthly payment is a bit higher in terms of device cashout fees.

For example under Plan 599, you also get the same 2.5GB data and unlimited texts to all networks per month, but instead of paying Php1,495 for the Mate 20, you will need to shell out Php1,999 per month for the Mate 20 Pro. Php500 more each month for two years of contract.

In addition to the perks, you will also get a free CP60 Wireless Charger worth Php3,990 when you apply and get approved by the end of the month.

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For more details you may visit the source link below from Globe website itself. 

Source: Globe

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