AOC AGON Pro Monitors are now available in the Philippines


AOC Philippines has just officially launched three new models of monitors for professional and enthusiast gamers in the country. Two of the models, the AGON AG254FG and the AGON AG274FZ are part of the AGON 4 series - a newly-branded AGON PRO line that's tailored for professional gamers and esports stars in the global gaming community. 

These newly-launched gaming monitors are the "global standard for gamers pursuing victory in esports, rather than those who live the life of a weekend warrior ," says Kevin Wu the General Manager for MMD Singapore. For this target market, AOC has created a top-end gaming line with ultra-competitive features designed to blow away any competitors.


The impressive AGON AG254FG features a blazingly fast 360Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA G-SYNC anti-tearing technology for stunning eSports visual impact. The AGON AG274FZ, meanwhile, boasts an incredible 260Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time built in a larger 27-inch IPS panel. Both models are part of the AGON 4 Series that offers a 1.0ms response time, VESA Display HDR Certification, logo protection, and lighting effects. 


The AGON brand is already well established among the gaming elite. Since its inception by AOC in 2016, AGON has been responsible for shaping monitor development in the gaming industry, leading the way and influencing specifications for the benefit of those who will remain unbeatable, whether professionals or aspiring enthusiast gamers. 

Continues, Wu, "The AGON PRO range builds on the already considerable success of our flagship AGON brand. Esports is taking the world by storm, and thousands of new aspiring athletes are flocking to join. Producing 'benchmark' monitors for this global community is our ongoing goal and customer satisfaction at the top of our agenda."

To get the full list of their features and technical specifications, you can visit AOC Philippines official stores on Shopee and Lazada or any of their authorized gaming partners nationwide. 

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