Apple To Launch The Next iPad in March 2013?

The year 2012 is not over yet, some Apple fans have just unwrapped their new iPads this Christmas and the rumors about the next generation iPad has just emerged online.
A Japanese tech blog Macotakara cites an inside source that says Apple is cooking up the would be 5th-gen iPad and is set to launch in March of 2013.  The source also mentioned that the design of this new iPad is going to be the same as the iPad Mini with dimensions slightly smaller than the iPad 2. The website Firstpost, reported that Macotakara's source added that the new iPad Mini is also on the rise but this time it will sport the most anticipated feature that the current iPad Mini lacks, the Retina display. Now that's sweet if the rumor is found to be true.

Many users loved the iPad Mini taking aside the Retina display, now if that Retina display will be added to the next iPad Mini then I am pretty sure that a lot of people will definitely switch to it once it hits the market. The iPad Mini features a 7.97-inch IPS LCD Display with 1024x768 pixel resolution, the machine is powered by an Apple A5 dual-core chip. 5MP back camera and 1.2MP for the front one, available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB internal storage options.

As most of us know, there are currently three regular-sized iPad tablet models in the market.The very first iPad, iPad 2 and the newest iPad with the Retina display. To me this rumored new iPad announcement and release in March seems to be real as I noticed that Apple always releases new iPad models around this time every year. The first iPad was released in April of 2010, the next second and third generation iPads were launched in March of 2011 and 2012 respectively. But we cannot exactly say it is going to happen this 2013 until Apple sends out the official invitation for that tech event like what they always did in the past. So expect more news and most probably leaked photos of the fifth-gen iPad to be reported in the next few months as we approach March of next year.

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