Sony PlayStation 4 with 1TB of Storage is Now Official

If you think Microsoft Xbox One is the only console getting a 1TB hard drive upgrade, well think again. Sony just announced that starting next month they will be releasing a brand new version of PlayStation 4 or PS4 with 1TB of hard drive storage, dubbed PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition.

This is one of the complaints many PS4 users, even with 500GB variants, that most of them are already running out of space and thankfully Sony is listening to this need and that they are releasing new product to answer the demand.

Aside from the storage bump, the new PS4 has some other enhancements. The Ultimate Player Edition is 10% lighter than the current 500GB model and consumes power about 8% less than the its predecessor model.

Sony said that the 1TB PS4 will be released starting July 15, 2015 in Europe and PAL territories only. Pricing has not been revealed but the Japanese company encouraged the users to coordinate with their local retailers for the pricing. 

Source: PlayStation Blog

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