Watch Iron Man Edition of Galaxy S6 Edge Unboxing and Impressions Here

The limited and special Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition gets an unboxing and initial impressions treatment from the most followed YouTube Tech vlogger called MKBHD. Samsung had already given us their own unboxing video for the said S6 Edge spinoff version when it was formally revealed but that was just taking the device out of the box and there was no other details mentioned. This time though it's a tech blogger proving the unboxing and what he can say about the new smartphone from its looks down to its inside built hardware and software side.

Just in case you do not know yet, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition is not just very limited in terms of number of units to be made, it is also limited to just three countries where it will be released and those are China, Hong Kong and South Korea. So why care about this video anyway? The reviewer is giving away this particular S6 Edge variant, which is nice. Watch it below.


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