Bigger Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Photos Leak

It has been rumored so many times that Samsung, apart from announcing the next Galaxy Note 5 earlier than usual, is also going to unveil a bigger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge which is currently referred to as the S6 Edge Plus. A lot of articles discuss the possibility of this yet another S6 spin-off variant, and today's leaked photos made it super closer to reality that this device is indeed existing.

This time around, a German site called All About Samsung posted a couple of photos showing the alleged Galaxy S6 Edge+ lying side by side with the Galaxy Note 4 giving us a quick look of how massive this new device is going to be. 

The specs is currently unclear but many are speculating it either to be the same as found on the current flagship Galaxy S6 Edge only bigger in screen size or the same as the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 just not sporting a stylus pen. All of the things we see online right now about these two two devices, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are just unconfirmed reports and speculation, we will not know which ones of those are correct and not until Samsung itself announces the device which is currently expected to take place some time in August.

Source: All About Samsung

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