PLDT Subscribers Get FREE iFlix Until December 2017 (Access until April 2018)

I was pretty sure my one year subscription to iFlix ended sometime in September of this year. However, I was so surprised that even up until this very date I am still able to stream any available content from the platform whether using our smart TV or our smartphones. Now I just got the answer why. All PLDT Home DSL and Fibr subscribers are getting free and unlimited access to iFlix until the end of the year. And yes I happen to be a subscriber too.

If you have been following my timeline here on the blog or on any of my social media accounts, you are most likely aware that iFlix has always been my go-to streaming website when it comes to watching movies and TV shows. There are two reasons for that, first is it is very affordable for only Php129/month (even cheaper when I go annually) and second is, there now tons of available movies and TV series on iFlix, both international and local shows.

iFlix's offerings have continued to grow over the years as they bring in more content and programs from local and international partners, and as of yet the streaming company does not show any slowing down in doing so. All of that without raising the monthly fee so far.

One of the recent partnerships they just closed was with Disney which brought a lot of Disney and Marvel movies and shows to the Philippine subscribers through this service. Marvel Cinematic Universe movies like Iron-Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy and more are all now available on the site. Even latest weekly episodes from very popular TV series like Mr. Robot and the Flash are being offered as of writing. Kdrama or Korean Novelas? iFlix all got you covered.

Now if you are a PLDT subscriber of the mentioned services above and have not tried iFlix yet or perhaps your last subscription has expired, this is your chance to do so and continue streaming without costing any additional fee. Simply head to this link, register, and download the app into your mobile device. You can use up to five devices under one subscription. As mentioned, this free offer is until December 2017. And if in case you would like to continue your subscription after that, the iFlix monthly fee is just Php129.

I just spotted one of the questions above from the FAQs page of the offer, it appears that while registration to this promo is only until December 2017, access to iFlix is actually until April 2018.

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  1. I just got my subscription on Iflix and it says expiry date is April 2018. Does this mean they will charge me 128per month until April 2018? Hope you can read this :)