First Ever Fornite World Cup Tournament Offers up to $100 Million Cash Prizes and Will Begin Later this Year

Slated to happen in 2019, Epic Games officially announced that its first ever Fortnite Battle Royale World Cup will be happening across the globe with up to $100 million in total cash prizes. The game developer said that the 2019 Fornite World Cup Tournament qualifier events will begin later this year and literally everyone and anyone can join and win. The announcement was made at E3 2018 expo during the live Celebrity ProAm tournament in Los Angeles.

 Epic Games further clarified that the total $100 prize money will be split out over a number of different qualifier and online events as well as local competitions all around the globe. Also, the announcement mentioned that while the "Fortnite World Cup play will focus more on Solos and Duos, there will be plenty of opportunities for to squad-up in competition, too."

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