Samsung Has Something to Announce on June 20 in London

Samsung sent out invitations to the media for its press event which is going to be held on June 20 in London. And it is highly expected that the South Korean company electronics company is going to unveil another version of its current flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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The photo above shows the leaked Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 Mini ahead of confirmation.

This is due to couple of days ago, Samsung accidentally put the S4 Mini selection on its App Store in the UK which was later on that day was removed after reports of it. Not only a Mini version of Galaxy S4 is expected to be confirmed but also next generation of Samsung ATIV devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 devices.

A report on suggests that Sammy may also announce two more additional S4 devices such as Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Active. Wew, that's a lot of Galaxy S4 variants coming our way. Prior to the unveiling of Galaxy S4, I was already expecting a Mini version would follow suit, just like what they did with Galaxy SIII where a mini one was also launched. But hearing rumors about additional S4 series is something I did not expect maybe it is because of the success of the S4 which Samsung said has reached more than 10 million units that have been sold worldwide,

If these rumors are going to be confirmed at this upcoming Galaxy event, then I am now thinking that Galaxy Note line will most probably get the same fate in the near future. Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Note 8.0 have been around and we know that.

A Galaxy Note Mini maybe?

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