Capcom Releases "I am Street Fighter" Documentary Online

Capcom, the creator of the most popular arcade game in the world "Street Fighter", has released its 72-minute long video documentary titled "I am Street Fighter" on YouTube as part of the games' 25th anniversary celebration. Yes, that is right the Street Fighter games we know and love since early stages of our  life just turned 25. The video features interviews of people behind the game series' success such as the producers, creators and down to the most important part of its success, the hardcore and "master" players. These people shares their childhood memories and experiences with the game.  Read on for additional details and the full video after the jump. 

While watching the whole clip, memories from the past came flashing back. The arcade machines I used, the places I've been to just to play this game with the hope of getting knowledge of some "moves", "combos" and "tricks" from other players. It's true as what was said by one of the interviewees in the video, back in the days there was no internet available like it does today so we had no way of learning new moves and meeting other players but by physically going into arcade centers, meet other people in person and learn from them in person. We used to have codes like "sharinggan" which means a player's technique to watch someone play and then at the same time readying the eyes and mind to copy and memorize someone's way of playing. There was "masters", the all-arcade-fighting-games-knowing-all players. There was even "bagito' or neophyte or "so so" in knowledge and in moves. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Street Fighter tournaments like the ones on the video and I don't even know if it did exist in those days.

When I was a neophyte or a novice in playing this game, I only knew the basics. Basics such as simple hadouken, shoryuken and throwing your opponents. But that was until I met the "living legend", as what others used to call him, who was like a walking arcade games encyclopedia of our local place. He just didn't know alot about the game, he really played like a boss or the Daigo (in the video) of our neighborhood. He was the best player I ever knew at the time. Everytime he played either single player or with a challenger, everybody would really circle the arcade machine and watch how he moved. The best thing was? He became one of my closest friends around. But for almost a while now, we haven't seen each other and the rest of the gang because of our personal responsibilities. But the spirit of the Street Fighter and how this game means to us, remains great! There's a lot more similar testimonies we had which were very the same with what the people are saying in the documentary. A lot of people really can relate to it. What about you guys? If you feel like sharing yours too, feel free to use the comments section below. We would be glad to hear from you!  

Technically it was in 2012 when the Street Fighter saga celebrated its 25th year in the gaming scene. Capcom commemorated the silver anniv with the release of "Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set ". One of the components of the set is the documentary I am talking about here. So Capcom took almost a year before they decided to release it online so more players and fanatics would see it. This is one of the biggest throwback Thursdays I had this year. 

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