Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, A Projector Smartphone Unveiled

Two years ago Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Beam, the first smartphone equipped with a projector that can work up to 2 meters away from a surface and can project up to 50 inches of display. Today Samsung has officially announced the follow up to that one, it is called Samsung Galaxy Beam 2. The same as the first one, Galaxy Beam2's main feature is its built-in Pico projector with WVGA resolution.

The Galaxy Beam 2 appeared on Samsung China website with only a few information about it and a lot of other features and specs have to be disclosed yet such as the RAM and the chip for its 1.2GHz quad-core processor. The specs on this Beam 2 are still not flagship level ones but Samsung definitely upgraded it from the first one, for example the display which now measures 4.66 inches with WVGA resolution, that is from 4" in the Galaxy Beam. Processor now at 1.2GHz quad-core from 1GHz dual-core and then the battery from 2,000mAh up to 2,600mAh. It has a 5MP rear facing camera, it's not specified as to how much GB are there inside it by default but it will support microSD card for memory expansion.

The Android 4.2 Jellybean-powered Galaxy Beam 2 will work under China Mobile network and currently has no other information if it will make its way to the international scene. We hope to get more information about this Beam 2 especially about its pico projector and see how far Samsung has made the upgrade from the first installment. 

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