Fantastic Four New Trailer Gives First Look at Doctor Doom

I am a bit unfair to the Fantastic Four new movie as I am not giving too much attention to it and not being too excited either and that's because of a few things, first it is not part of the on going Marvel Cinematic Universe, second is because of the previous failed attempt to please many fans and box office record back in 2005 and third because of the other big movies that are also coming out this year like Avengers, Star Wars and yes Batman v Superman (2016). However upon watching the new trailer which is embedded below and the first one that came out before it, I have to admit that so far this new reboot is promising. See the new trailer below that just arrived last weekend.

This is also the first trailer we got that gives us a first look at the film's villain, Dr. Doom. Although it's short and quick it is enough to make us a little more excited to see what the reboot has in store for us this time around when it comes out this August.

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