2017 Starbucks Coffee Planners Unboxed

Just like the previous year, Starbucks Coffee Philippines is also releasing two Starbucks Planners for the year 2017. And they are called the Coffee Stains and Blue Siren. Both are designed stunningly and really represent the Starbucks image we know and love - coffee and the iconic siren logo. Not only that, these latest planners I think are the most beautiful and interactive ones they have released since its inceptions a few years back. Today, I was able to get my hands on these latest and hottest planners in town and I unboxed them.

The Coffee Stains and Blue Siren planners are done in hardbound cloth and are released in two different sizes, standard and small. If you have read my previous post about these new planners, I confirm in this post that they really do come with cool accessories like the Erasable Pen that reminds me of Samsung Galaxy Note's S-Pen stylus which I find really interesting, coffee stickers, magnetic bookmark that is also coffee-themed and cloth pouches for each of the planners with designs matching those two.

Speaking of designs, and they are really stunning and a surefire head turner, it was all created by Starbucks' very own creative team with a theme "Crafted by Hand and Heart", as you can see on the box. Even by just looking at the box itself, will already make you want one immediately especially if Starbucks is simply one of your favorite brands.

Turning the box around will show you some important information that will really make you proud and more encouraged to start collecting your Starbucks coffee stickers this year.

It says that for every redeemed 2017 Starbucks Planner, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Starbucks' partner NGOs - Teacher for the Philippines (TFP) and The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). I think that's cool. Every SB planner collection together with Starbucks Philippines can now be part of this crusade, "cultivating change, one planner at a time."

Inside the box are the Erasable Pen and the planner itself placed within its respective cloth pouches. I got to say that the unboxing experience has been very nice from the first time laying my eyes on the packaging all the way down to flipping each page and seeing what's in there, and of course unintentionally smelling those pages as I turn from one to another.

This is I think one of the new additions to this annual SB planner as I have never seen something like this before in the previous installments of planners. And it's even called Erasable Pen, I'm excited to try this out and see how this thing actually works in real world. Every planner comes with this pen so don't you worry if you think you still need to purchase this separately.

Starbucks Magnetic Bookmark
Starbucks stickers and magnetic bookmark

As you can see in the images above, Starbucks has really put huge effort in creating them from front cover to the back. The art on each page is just awesome. And they really did a good job in doing it. Like I said above, these are the most beautiful and most interactive planners they have made so far. Miss Denise Barrameda of Starbucks Philippines' Assistant Manager for Public Affairs and Digital Communications actually said that this year's planners were designed to be more interactive than previous installments. Monthly activities await users encouraging them to draw, take and paste photos and get crafty all throughout the year.

Collecting Starbucks coffee stickers for these planners has begun since November 2 and redeeming is until March 9, 2017. A total of 18 stickers is what you need to get one planner. 9 of them should be holiday featured beverages and another 9 regular drinks. Or if you make a single purchase amounting to at least Php7,000 entitles you for one planner. Check full mechanics here.

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