Watch: Avengers Infinity War's Battle on Titan Recreated in 16-bit

A lot of Avengers Infinity War fans have most likely seen the third Avengers movie numerous times especially now that the DVD version has already been released. Many for sure have already memorized each character line, sequence, and scenes of the entire film from the very beginning to last, even in the post-credits scene. And speaking of fans and sequence, a fan-made video clip using the vintage 16-bit format recreated one of the most iconic battles in the Infinity War - the Battle on Titan.

As we saw in the actual film, this video shows some of our key MCU characters like Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star Lord etc fighting the Mad Titan Thanos on his home planet of Titan only in the 16-bit.

This is one of movie's scenes that I really liked the most as it gives us a look on how powerful Tony Stark's new Iron Man suit and of course how powerful Thanos has become.And now seeing this translated into the 16-bit format like those games I used to play back in the 90s, it gives me even more reason to not forget this particular fight scene and of course the movie itself as one of my favorites.
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