Huawei Launches NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 Smartphone Photography Contest

huawei next image awards 2020

Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards is back this year

Now on its third year, the Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 has been officially launched in the world and the technology giant is once again extending its invitation to Filipino smartphone photography and videography enthusiasts. Through this content, Huawei is encouraging participants to showcase their most "uplifting and inspirational" images.

Huawei shared that last year alone, there were more than 520,000 entries submitted and a good number of those were from Filipinos which many ended up winning runner-up awards.

According to the company, this NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 is open to all Huawei and Honor smartphone users. The contest will offer amateur smartphone photographers and visual storytellers who share their uplifting images more than 70 chances to win cash prizes up to $10,000 including a brand new Huawei P40 Pro with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage.


There are a total of 6 categories in which participants can join, and those are the following.
  • Near Far: Uncover life's hidden gems whether they are close-up or at a distance using the telephoto, wide-angle, or macro shooting features on the phone's camera.
  • Good Night: Moody or mysterious, make the most out of shadowy settings through captivating low light photography.
  • Hello, Life: Share the magic and inspiration found in everyday life, a thousand words encapsulated in a single picture.
  • Faces: Use portrait photography to frame the human expressions in the most creative of ways.
  • Live Moments: For up to 10 minutes, shoot a mini movie that highlights a positive story yearning to be shared.
  • Storyteller: In 3 to 9 images, convey a narrative, an emotional journey, a profound change - whatever life around us is bursting to be told.

Who can join

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and owns either a Huawei or an Honor smartphone can definitely join and submit their entries. Submission must be an original image shot using a smartphone of any models from Huawei and Honor. Additionally, the images should be in .jpg format at least 1000 pixels in size and 20MB at most. Editing photos are allowed but should only be done using the phones.

When you can submit

Huawei said that selecting finalists from the Philippines will be done on a weekly basis per category that will begin in April all the way until July of this year. See below. 

April 27: Announcement of categories
May 5 - 12: Submission period for Hello, Life! category entries
May 17: Hello Life! winner announcement
May 19 - 26: Submission period for Good Night category
May 31: Good Night winner announcement
June 2 - 9: Submission period for Near Far category
June 14: Near Far winner announcement
June 16 - 23: Submission period for Faces category
June 28: Faces winner announcement
June 30 - July 7: Submission period for Live Moments category
July 12: Live Moments winner announcement
July 14 - 21: Submission period for Storyteller category
July 26: Storyteller winner announcement

To learn more about the HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2020 and submit your entries, you can visit this this website.
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