MyPhone Iceberg Mini is Now Official, Read Specs and Price Here

After a very obvious  and an almost confirmation leaked information and image, MyPhone, through their Facebook page, has just made the MyPhone Iceberg Mini official. Everything I said in that post is accurate. The Iceberg Mini has better specs than the original Iceberg that was released a few months back, it's a more compact version but with much more powerful innards. It's a true "MyPhone's pocket-sized smartphone with larger than life features" of the year.

So let's get down to the technical specs of the newly confirmed MyPhone Iceberg Mini. Comparing it with the previous and the regular-sized Iceberg, the cameras here are upgraded from 12MP to 13MP Autofocus rear snapper featuring BSI sensor and LED Flash, the front camera remains at 5MP but now also with BSI technology which are going perform much better in low-light environment. Yes, the display is a full HD. The term "Mini" in this instance only applies to its screen size (BUT NOT to the display quality) and a couple of others which I will mention later. The Iceberg Mini sports a 5-inch Full HD (1080p) IPS Display with OGS (One Glass Solution) Technology. If in any case you are now aware, the first Iceberg only has 720p display.

MyPhone said on its Facebook account that the Mini boasts a 1.5GHz Turbo quad-core processor by Mediatek plus a 357MHz PowerVR GPU, "It's one performance made even more seamless in this larger than life MyPhone Iceberg Mini".  From the its bigger brother, the RAM has been doubled in the smaller Iceberg which means it now has 2GB or RAM, that is more than enough to work with your multitasking demand in using a smartphone device. After that trimmed display size, another specs that has been minified here is the internal storage, while it still offers an onboard 16GB of memory space, unlike the original Mini, it is now expandable. That means, out of that 16GB, around 12GB will be available to users for the rest of the phone's stay with them. Google Android 4.2 Jellybean will be in the Icebrg Mini. 

I forgot to mention that the display has Corning Gorilla Glass 2 covering so apart from the clearest viewing experience, the Android handset is  also scratch and damage resistant gadget. One last thing I noticed being "minified" from the predecessor is the battery which is now pegged at 2000mAh versus the 2,600mAh of the former. To keep users connected to cellular networks, the Iceberg Mini supports dual-sim and dual 3G standby functionality, there is also sim card adapter and sim card cutter that will come free with the device so whatever size of sim card you currently have will definitely not be a problem when switching to this handset.

You can take home this Iceberg Mini when it gets fully released for a price of Php12,888, that is definitely not a Minified pricetag : ). MyPhone Iceberg when released in July of this year was for only Php11,988. Well that's not much of a big difference, and it's understandable since this new handset if offering a much better experience.

You may catch MyPhone at the Market Market Activity Center on November 29, between 10am and 10pm at Yahoo! Technostorm event and get the Iceberg Mini for only Php537/month for 24 months at 0% interest rate.  

Source: MyPhone Facebook Page


  1. correct ko lang po..
    537/month lang po. :)

  2. Mini supports dual-sim and dual 3G standby functionality ? is really a ??? I am not sure about that....because some website tells that only sim 1 is 3G like most other phones...Please Confirm on this...because for this reason I will buy a phone. I need a Dual 3G Standby...Here In South Korea you will need a Dual 3G phone on 2100band. 2G is obsolete..I don't know why most mobile manufacturers make dual sim phone yet not dual 3G...that's why my dual sim phone don't work here ...terrible, they make dual sim so that the other sim uses the obsolete network....

  3. meron na ba nito sa mga myphone store ? kailan kaya labas nito.... sayang layo kasi ng market market samin Y_Y

  4. Meron na nyan sa mga MyPhone stores.

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  6. This will be the first time i will be buying a smart phone, samsung is already out of my radar but i am still not decided which among the 2 i will buy, the Iphone 5(s or c) or this MyPhone Iceberg Mini. Kaya ba ng iceberg gawin ang mga nagagawa ng iphone 5? ano ang mga applications meron ang Myphone? Please help me…