Fortnite for Android Will Not Be Available via Google Play

Epic Games, the developer of the massively successful and multi-platform game called Fortnite has just released a major news update on its plan on releasing the game for Android platform users. According to the company, the much anticipated Fortnite for Android version will not be available for gamers to download from Google Play. Instead, those users and gamers who would like to run this game on their compatible Android-powered device, they would need to download it directly from Fortnite's official website.

The main reason? The developer is not willing to share Google 30% of its revenue from the game. While the mechanics of revenue sharing is pretty much the same with the Apple's iOS platform where the game has been live for months now, it is impossible for app developers to launch an iOS app outside of the App Store. Google Play Store, on the other hand, is not that  strict when it comes to this type of option being an open platform itself. On business standpoint, it is understandable what Epic Game is doing here. I mean, if you could save up to 30% of your revenue, why not? But the concern here is that Android users will need to "sideload" the Fornite mobile game app outside of Google Play which may entail risking the security of the device and its content.

As of writing through, we still do not have a solid release date for the Android version of Fortnite. However, there are rumors right now circulating the web claiming that its initial release will be tied up with the official launch of Samsung Galaxy Note9 which is slated to happen on August 9 in New York.

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