Grab Introduces the GrabPay Card in the Philippines Powered by Mastercard

grabpay card powered by mastercard

Digital-first GrabPay Card is here

Grab Philippines is officially launching its digital-first GrabPay Card in partnership with Mastercard. This new prepaid card from Grab will give Filipinos access to the convenience of cashless payments, peace of mind while shopping online, and more ways to earn GrabRewards along the way. 
According to a survey conducted by Mastercard here in the Philippines in April of this year, 40% of Filipino consumers are now using contactless payments more often in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The introduction of the GrabPay Card in the Philippines supports Grab's direction to promote safer payments by doubling down on cashless services that help curb the spread of the virus in the country. 

What's great thing about this partnership is that the card can not only be used in all of your Grab transactions, but also at any online stores and vendors in the Philippines and around the world that accept Mastercard as mode of payment This will enable Filipinos to easily and securely make transactions with more than 53 million merchants globally. 

Safe and secure

Speaking of safe and secure cashless payments, the GrabPay Card information is securely kept within the Grab app. It will come with features like in-app lock function that is enabled by Face ID and fingerprint biometric and PIN. This is a great feature as users will be able to keep the card locked and only unlock when using to make purchases or suspend the payments in case the card is lost or there is suspicious transaction going on. 

By using the GrabPay Card whether for online shopping, paying subscriptions or for any local and international transactions, users will now have more ways to earn GrabRewards points. 

Purchase protection benefit

There's more and it's only unique to this GrabPay Card. Users will be able to enjoy Mobile Protection Insurance and E-Commerce Protection services. The former will allow users to pay for their mobile postpaid phone bills using the GrabPay Card and receive protection against accidental damage or theft while the latter will allow them to receive coverage for online transactions in the event that a wrong and/or defective item is delivered, and incomplete or non-delivery of the merchandise. 

In case you wonder, yes this latest GrabPay Card financial service by Grab Philippines is regulated by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Can be used for transactions inside and outside the Grab app safe and securely. Through its 24/7 fraud protection engine, according to Grab Philippines, users are assured that their personal information and payment transactions remain encrypted and protected. 

How to activate your GrabPay Card? 

To activate and start using the GrabPay prepaid card, all you have to do is upgrade your GrabPay Wallet within the app and by following the simple steps listed below. 
  • Tap "Payment" icon at the bottom of the Grab homescreen
  • Ensure that you have activated and upgraded your GrabPay Wallet
  • Tap "Get your GrabPay Card now" to access your card details
  • Enter your PIN to secure your card
For now, this is a digital-only card, hopefully Grab Philippines will also release physical card version of the service soon. 

To learn more about this GrabPay Card, you can visit Grab PH website here.
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